Loyalist Landing 2008 historic reenactment celebration - Shelburne, Nova Scotia. A Brigade of the American Revolution national event for 2008. Military encampment, staged skirmishes, period games and entertainments, historic landing reenactments, cannon firings, etc.  Hosted by Abraham Van Buskirk's Coy of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers
Here are the photos from the Loyalist Landing 2008 Grand Re-enactment Weekend, from Louisburg the following weekend and from the NBC Today Show weekend. The photos are NOT clickable


Photos by: Lawrence Mahaney, Evelyn Ogilvie, Phillip Walker, Lorrain Chapman, Karen Mattatal, Samantha Brannen



A sponsored event of the Brigade of the American Revolution

Thank you all for a very, very successful summer. The Grand Re-enactment Weekend was GRAND. Please enjoy our thanks and enjoy these photos of the weekend, the NBC shoot and of the 250th Encampment at Louisburg. 
The 3rd New Jersey Volunteers, the Shelburne Reenactment Association, the Prince of Wales Historical Dancers and Destination Shelburne

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